About Us

AC FB logo alphaWe’re a growing company in Second Life determined to promote, stand behind, brag on and support the things that make the virtual world a great place to play and work.  Brought to SL by the crew who founded the Home & Garden Expo, Xmas Expo and  Breedables Fairs along with the Avi Choice Awards.  We work hard to provide fun events, amazing shows and are always searching for ways to serve and work in the community we’ve come to love.

Avi Choice Productions Specifics:

Email: AviChoiceSL@gmail.com
CEO/Founder/Owner: Nikki Mathieson
Assistant Extroardinaire: Jill MacKenzie
Design: Dextresis Dejavu
simply Limited management: Nikki Mathieson & Autumn Fairlane

simply Limited

simply Limited is the newest venture from Avi Choice Productions, Each campaign features designs from some of our favorite fashion designers in the virtual world of Second Life.  Shoppers, who join the simply Limited group inworld, will have access to Limited Edition fashions and can purchase them via catalog (website) order or by teleporting to the inworld shopping event, itself.  Group members will also be gifted a fashion item from each of our designers, simply by joining with us.  Visit the website for more info.


Avi Choice Awards:

The Avi Choice Awards was a resident’s choice award program that celebrated the favorite designers and builders in our virtual world.  The final show took place on Dec 4th, 2016.  Plans are underway for a new Awards program to take place in Dec 2017 when certain recipients will be discovered and awarded in a new way.

Stay tuned!

Avi Choice Entertainment

Visit the Entertainment Registry on our site to learn about some of the great SL performers available to the residents of Second Life.  Avi Choice Productions is always planning the next show and yes, there is some fantastic news about that coming soon.  Bookmark this site and stay tuned for more info!  Keep an eye on our youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLUxCuhV6Eni13ooVdhvA9A