Tigers Dance Team

Tigers Dance Team Group PicAbout us:
Tigers Dance Team was founded in January 2014 by Samantha Lane. Samantha was on a dance team in real life for over 10 years, she wanted to take her passion for dancing and apply it in second life to become the best dance team on the grid. Our squad members were each looking for a place they could be challenged with their love of dance, and choreography. Every member of our squad has gone through extensive training to become a member, and our officers are continually put to the test to sure we are lead by the best of the best! We strive to be the best dancers and people on the grid, and never cease to amaze a crowd.

Our performances are a sight to be seen. This is not a scripted dance routine, this is an entire squad of highly trained, skilled dancers performing LIVE, each and every performance is custom choreographed by an officer of the squad! Typically when we come for a promotional appearance we spend 1-2 hours performing, then some of the squad will mingle and participate in the remainder of the event.

We all arrive in uniform, and stay in-uniform for the entire event. Many different uniforms are available too. Typically when you book us for an event, we will work with you to pick a date and time for the show. Our schedule gets pretty packed, as we are in pretty high demand these days. Why you wonder? Well imagine this. The squad itself is going to show up with 10-15 members, as well as our Friends/VIPs, so we could pull 10-20 people to your venue just with our friends and VIPs! Then add on some promotions of the event to your VIPs and you have quite the event!

Typically we will come with our own DJ to stream, as we have a set list and transition times we need between songs.

So what does it cost? We do shows not to make money, but to promote the team, find new members, and spread the word about Tigers Dance Team.

Contact information below for fee info.

What is required:

-Event scheduled at least 2 weeks in advanced
-Must permit our owner and formations/show director to rez, and have our DJ promote our Tigers Tip Jars at the venue during our show
-Must promote the event to your VIP/Membership group
-Must allow us send out an invite to our VIP Group
-Venue must be PG in nature, we do not perform at strip or sex clubs, or related businesses
-A member of your staff with rights over the land (to deal with any possible griefers etc) MUST be present
-Venue will be reviewed by a member of our team to ensure it meets our standards and requirements. We give preference to busy venues that give us larger exposure

We are very selective about where we perform, we look for venues that we believe we can help grow and will help us grow and get our name out there. The decision will be made by the squad on which venues qualify.

We are also very big into charity events, if you ever want to co-sponsor a charity event let us know!

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking us for a performance please contact:

Samantha Lane (sndubois Resident)􀀇
Team Owner / Head Coach

Shay Harcourt 􀀈
Co Owner / Asst Coach

Siobhan Burner 􀀆
Asst Coach

More info on the web: http://sltigersdanceteam.enjin.com
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sltigersdanceteam