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The Vinnie Show (Acoustic Rhapsody)

Live Musician & Peformer.; Singer/ Songwriter


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Acoustic Rhapsody originals can be heard on :
Indispectrum Radio
Grind Radio!radiogrind/c1mya
Is featured artist for November on Dekadance Radio
Singing current favorites to Classic Rock & Pop, those songs you grew up with and loved, songs you’ve newly discovered and some trending now. ….plus ORIGINALS – all acoustically, Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance ….hoping to give something to each person In the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together!

Manager- Daallee Resident 􀀑

IM: Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody) or Daallee Resident for info and scheduling

*$* A Word from Vinnie About Fees for Live Music*$*

I do not believe in traditional fees for live performances in SL. I know this is contrary to the philosophies of many of my SL performing peers, but I need to explain why I feel the way I do. Had venue owners established some form a revenue stream way back in the beginning – like a small cover charge – there would have been potential for cash flow so the charging of fees for live entertainment might have made sense. This, however, is not the case. Instead, venues rely on donations to their tip jar – exactly the same as entertainers. Therefore, when a performer works a venue they’re actually COMPETING with that establishment for the same L$. Unfortunately there is no “turning back time” – this is pretty much the system we’re stuck with.

For this reason, I believe in sharing the risk with the venue owner by asking for a modest guarantee of L$3000 against my own scripted tip jar (a guitar case that accurately displays the amount of tips collected at each individual engagement). So, if the tip jar reaches L$3000 or more, the venue pays me nothing. If the jar, for example, reaches L$2000, the venue would pay me L$1000 to make up the difference.

**Head Tips** – Should a patron choose to tip my head, bypassing the tip jar, I will immediately tip that amount out to my own jar so it is displayed and counts against the guarantee.

Lastly, in the spirit of “sharing the risk” I will ALWAYS tip the venue at each and every gig while reminding the audience to please do the same. At the risk of beating to death an old cliché – “we’re all in this together!”

Warm Regards,
Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody)
The VINNIE SHOW is currently being presented at the following fine SL venues:

Surfside Hideaway – Desirae Beaumont

After Dark – Meegan Danitz

Key West – Liz Harley

Red Palms – BuffaloMike Hammerer

The Living Room – Daallee Resident & Owl Dragonash

Seaside Lounge – Montana Clowes

The RhodeHouse on Etopia Prime – Mash Rhode

The Dirty Grind – Ian Mcconach

The Merry Prankster – Zany Xevious

Villa Lobos -Cellandra Zon

Commune Utopia – SoCo Southern Comfort (janishere)

Cafe Musique – Laya Hawker

Kickin’ – ScrtsSafe Waco

Ecnad- EhuKini

Trickster Sound – Kaylantra Kasshiki
Vinnie formerly performed at:
*The Source
*Ground Zero
*The Roof
*Guthrie’s Folk Club
*B&B’s Venue & Parklands
*Bob’s Secret Island Music
*End of Time
*The Junkyard
*The Pocket
*Little Mary’s
*The Bluebird Cafe’ on Nashville Music Row
*Solana’s Place – Solana Python
*Moulin Rouge
*Lost Coconut Music Park
*Quinn’s Garden
*Roy’s Hangout
*Night Moves
*Acoustic Cave
[17:56] Simon Linden: wow it really is awesome to work all day, deep in the code mines, and then get a taste of the things that really make it all worth while – Thank You Vinnie