Rebel Yell Concerts

Rebel Yell concerts logo PNG - FRAMEREBEL YELL CONCERTS is the largest Entertainment Tribute Company in SL with over 3000 MEMBERS in the group + hundreds of subscribe o’ matic members. Established on January 1st 2012 REBEL YELL CONCERTS soon has been recognized to produce the best and most realistic Tribute shows in Second Life and Number 1 Enterteinment Tribute Company in the business.

We are all experienced tribute musicians rocking Secondlife for years.
we specialize in featuring
-spectacular visual effects,
-amazing custom stages
-shocking realistic shows and
-bringing the best real life rock stars look-alike avatars ever seen in sl!

We work with passion on every detail of a show : Look Alike avatars (by our very own exclusive celebrities look makers), Stages building (mostly an SL rendition of the RL ones), Lights and effects, coreographies (mostly including custom dances made just for us), clothes.
REBEL YELL CONCERTS also produces it’s very own exclusive HQ guitars with the brand Azure Dragon (mostly SL rendition of famous custom rockstars guitars not for sell all over SL) : guitars and bass guitars are built by Nomad Karu and used exclusively by Rebel Yell Concerts performers.

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Rebel Yell Concerts Owners
Lestat Zalivstok
GuiltyAngel Rhapsody
Oskar Nirvana