MICHAELjackson Follet

MJF Bio PicMICHAELjackson Follet came to SecondLife on July 14, 2009 with a mission to be a tribute for grieving fans in the wake of the death of the King of Pop in June of the same year. Over the past five years, he has worked to continue MJJ’s mission of love and healing the world. In addition to his work for the fans, his main charitable project in SL has been to raise funds for the Francesca Rava Foundation N.P.H. ONLUS in Haiti. For more info see http://www.nph-italia.org/home/.

Working together with Viviana Houston and CLE Productions he has tirelessly dedicated himself to recreating the Michael Jackson experience in this virtual environment, which has received recognition around SL including 2010 Best RL Video Produced By A Virtual Live Artist by CEO Anthology Music awards. His video recreations include:

Remember The Time
Blood on The Dancefloor
Will You Be There
In The Closet – (Coming Soon)
You Rock My World – (Coming Soon)

His concert projects include:

The Bad Tour
Michael Jackson – Dangerous World Tour
HIStory Tour
Michael Jackson’s This Is It
Can You Feel it Concert
Celebrities Stars – MJ & Friends Concert
Just Do It Concert

and his RL fund raising efforts include:

Francesca Rava Foundation N.P.H. ONLUS in Haiti
All As One Concert to benefit Japan
Feed a Smile – Live and Learn for Kenya
Harambee Gwassi – Brownsea Foundation – Kenya
Dangerous Tour for Relay for Life
Break the Chain for V-Day

MJF’s home base for the last 5 years is his beautiful recreation of Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland Valley Ranch.􀀞

Fans from around the world come to gather there to see his exquisitely detailed sim and enjoy MJ music in stream. He also recreated the sets of the most beloved and well known Michael Jackson videos on the MJJ Kingdom sim. Those sets are now the centerpieces of individual song- themed events that tour across SL.

But beyond this amazing work he has built with precious prims, he is beloved first and foremost for his kindness and loving demeanor. He has amassed a group of fiercely devoted supporters in SL that have come together to form a tight-knit community of MJ fans. As MJF has stated, “The importance I give to the man I represent is connected to his fans. I am here for them. I create and tribute him, for them. They are the reason why I don’t give up.”

WEBSITE: mjfollet.com
BLOG: michaeljacksonfollet.wordpress.com