Dilah Halostar

Dilah Halostar Avi Choice Promo 1Dilah began piano lessons at the age of seven, and discovered the Torch Song at the age of 8. She had an ability and a passion for music that led to a music major in college. While in college she participated in theatrical productions from opera to variety shows before joining a road band and beginning her real life music education.

Versed in most types of music Dilah enjoys blues, standards and jazz in SL. Funny, warm and passionate, with a great vocal and emotional range, she lights up the stage whether singing or playing. She rocks like Jerry Lee Lewis and swings a great Country/Western tune. And she can improvise a mean blues song on the spot from topics of conversation in local chat. She calls them “wing-it blues”.

Featured on Magic SL Love Radio, Dilah delights her audiences with her own original songs and with covers of singers such as Eva Cassidy, Billy Holiday, Peggy Lee, Sade, Chicago, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Nina Simone, Minnie Riperton, etc., etc. Dilah loves requests and also suggestions.

Respected by her fellow performers in SL, Dilah has teamed up with Spirited Amore on Phantom of the Opera and on her own original songs with Thunderfoot Lorefield and Trowzer Boa. The SL luthier, Mikki Miles, creator of medieval and Gorean instruments sells three songs that Dilah has written or arranged to put into his harp instrument so that minstrels can roleplay they are playing the harp.
Mikki MIles store is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montisigard/164/64/79
Look for a box on the floor under the sign “Contributions of SL Residents”

“As a multi-platinum Record Producer in Real Life, I have worked with great artists and musicians, amazing vocalists and highly talented songwriters, but, in Second Life since the last five years, I have rarely heard such a highly multi-talented Performing Artist/Singer/Composer such as Dilah Halostar — which explains why, as Founder & C.E.O. of Magic Love Radio, I am so happy and proud to broadcast her Live Concerts!” — Nibiru Merlin
MUSIC URL – http://server2.luschaudio.com:9156
RADIO WEBSITE – http://www.magicloveradio.com

“………Dilah was astonishing us with a marvelous concert. Her obviously well-trained is able to pitch perfectly. The power in her voice and the vibratos she makes sound effortless add to the ‘taking-my-breath-away’ feeling I had when listening to her performing some of the best Jazz songs ever written……” Grace Jovinavic / THE ROUGH GIRAFFE #11

“….A healthy crowd begins to form and Dilah Halostar steps up to the microphone — and to my delight, she is quite possibly the finest live Jazz performer I’ve seen in SL…..” Claudie Benoir / http://avatarstyle.net/

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Fees: Negotiable

This is an SL Collaboration between Trowzer Boa and me. Lyrics were born in SL as an Wing-it blues…credits go to Aristippus Larsen as lyric co-writer.

Trax Booth
Song #1, “Blame Me Blues” is an original with Trow Boa on Sax and Aristippus Larsen lyrical contribution and RJC on Guitar/Bass and Drums hear it IW here:

Trax (157,122,27)

or online hear it here:


also now played on Magic love Radio in SL and in Webradio http://server2.luschaudio.com:9156
it is also being played on IndieSpectrum Radio.
you can actually go to the website and request it

YES it is me on the piano on this track and in my shows.