Damian Carbenell

Damian Carbenell Avi Choice Promo 1

HE’S BACK (by demand) and with an all new show! After a long break from SL to focus on his work in first life, DAMIAN CARBENELL is back! Upon returning to SL stages, he brought a new sound back, too. Mostly country – full back tracks and he will occasionally bring out his guitar or get on the piano and share some acoustic songs with us, too. Damian is a wonderful singer and his shows are FUN! He’s warm and personable when he takes that stage. .

A vocalist, songwriter, pianist and guitarist, Damian streams in from the center of the USA. He is a talented, confident and versatile performer, full of energy. He sings with tuneful enthusiasm, conviction and style. His talent and warm personality has graced many stages in SL for years and he is now back to play limited shows, when he is available, and at select venues.

Please contact Nikki Mathieson for fee information and booking availability.

Join the group the CARBENELL STREET TEAM or tp to the Avi Choice office to join his scribo!


Damian on YouTube:

a triple stream performance!


Damian Carbenell SL past reviews:

The Cher & Carm Show
… “a performer not to be missed so be sure to get in nice and early.”

… “A Rating! Nice Light Sound, all acoustic, great material. Not just another folk singer.”

New World Notes
…”If you – like me – are a little uncertain about SL musicians you’ve never heard before, then you can rest assured that Damian Carbenell comes highly recommended. I polled the Second Life Plurk community for their favourite musicians and Damian’s name came up again and again!”

Musicians of SL. com
… “his warm acoustic style reminds of Jack Johnson.”

SL Enquirer
… “Who Is Damian Carbenell?
If you don’t know, you better ask somebody!
All I can say is WOW join His Group, follow him around and Book him! From the moment I heard his mellow voice in perfect harmony with his guitar, I melted.”

Metaverse Music
…. “Damian has got chops both vocally and on his guitar. He plays these wonderful rock songs that we love so dearly without us ever having to worry about him killing them at all, not at all worried, not even for a second! Awesome!
…..he’s got a very solid voice, that’s definitely a tenor. So when he sings Jack Johnson and John Meyer, it’s just right. His take on “You’re body is a wonderland” though isn’t a John Meyer’s performance, it still has its own charms. He really is charming and comes across the wave as someone I’d like to hang out for an afternoon or an evening with, have a cup of coffee or tea (since I don’t really drink coffee) with a group of friends after a day of snowboarding.”