Chillee Hernandoz

Chillee Hernandoz Avi Choice Promo 1Contact: Manager: Tommi Bayn

Chillee began singing in SL in September 2012 and has quickly become a very popular member of the live music community.
She went from a closet singer with no training to an amazing entertainer.
Her excellence in performance and her wonderful humor bring so much to every performance.

To Chillee, “Music is what feelings sound like ” . I truly believe this…
To let yourself go and just live the song …Close your eyes and let all your emotions show through…to crawl between the notes and let them envelope you…there is nothing betta ….Music truly is what life is all about…It is the story of us all”

Chillee’s roots are in Jazz, but she can sing many genres such as Blues, Pop, Country just to name a few.
Chillee is not afraid to try new things either and that is why her song list is always growing

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