Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow

The ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love.

We like to see live performance art supported and it is my sincere hope and inspiration that somewhere or somehow we can all guide and inspire each others in our mutual interest in uplifting and enlightenment of the SL culture as well as reality.

Be greeted in the spirit

We like to offer you a most amazing circus, acrobatic fireshow…with rotating trapezes, High wire, rolling dance balls, walking elephant, reality fire juggling and much more all spiced and designed with special effects and performed to music from real musicians.
The ChangHigh Sisters has performer over 200 live performance the last 7 years. We support many world event fundraisings of many different kinds as well as performing at cultural, historic or local events as paid artists.

With positive vibration and sincerity Yman Juran

BIO: of the main 3 ChangHigh sisters

Dancer: Melvin Starbrook. Holland
Dancer: Jennylynn Capalini, USA
Dancer: Yman Juran. Denmark


Information about us.
We are 3 sisters who has created and designed a very unique and extremely powerful circus/fire-dancing show.
We perform in rotating trapezes, on high wire, acrobats podiums and on rolling balls.
We dance on walking elephants and do many very unique acrobatic animations, reality fire juggling, fire Hula hoops, high tight wire walk and fire dance… all colored by effects of many different kinds, all created, scripted and available inside Second Life, such as fire balls, particles, smoke, effects (FX) ,and other kinds of realistically living light.
We have discovered many unique effects which we through rehearsal has learned to blend into a pyrotechnic fire work display.
We always prepare a written program to each show and style it in accordance with the occasion of the event.
We use only the best available people in Second Life. and have develop a way to minimize lag to a minimum even when many people are present in the audience. But Yes we can’t guarantee any SL sim issues. :-).

We have performed together with Cypress Rosewood on several occasions, Cylindrian Rutabaga, Avant Frequency, Moxy Barracuda, Asrid Few, Wytchshisper, Cyberpiper, Joe Satriani Feden and Tamra Sands and many others.
So if you got a special musician in mind, let me know and we can try to do a show with your wish.
Music stream can also be done my DJ.

Our stage is colored with flags, torches,and a special designed (Photoshop) poster made to the customer/event. Since we all are members of the group The Children of The Most High, which main purpose is to call its members to a great work and make it a transcendent privilege to present an enlighten revelation of The Most Highest Cosmic Consciousness to the people of this strife-torn world whether this be in Reality or Second Life.. Because Love is the Greatest thing in the world then each show is spiced with wisdom sayings……Smiles.

As of fee/rates.. it is all negotiable, depending on what is required from us…as related to stage, time, theme and music.
In general we need app. 350 free prims, stage size 32 m, unless you got a stage, (less can do).
We offer shows of various lengths, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and an extensive circus workshop with many acrobatic podiums, circus tools, elephant taxi & football, titter totter, rotating trapezes, spinning wheels and rolling ball.

A supreme circus acrobatic fire show with a mixture of highly spiritual music and cosmic speech blended with universal insight, wisdom and philosophy.
All dancing is to Spiritual, Oriental and Rasta music such as of Loreena McKennitt, Pato Banton, Cypress Rosewood, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Brian Keene, Night Ark, Omar Faruk Tekbilek or Ofra Haza all streamed in world..

The performances are inspired by universal spiritual revelation.  Hope above information is useful for a positive decision about booking us.

With Light, Life & Love Yman Juran