Entertainment Registry

AC FB logo alphaWe, at Avi Choice, are happy to present the Entertainment Registry! This Registry is intended to be a service for Entertainers and Artists of Second Life. Residents of the SL Community can get performer’s bio’s and posters from the site and contact the performer or their manager for bookings.

Are you in SL Entertainment and would you like to be admitted to the registry? Contact Jill Mackenzie or Nikki Mathieson to get information on how you can be. THANK YOU to those who have joined the Registry to date.

Bad Ampitude
Caasi Ansar
Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow
Chillee Hernandoz
Cranston Yordstorm
Damian Carbenell
Dilah Halostar
Essence Bilasimo
Glenn Bunjie
Ichie Kamachi
Keeba Tammas
Khiron Ametza
Maximillion Kleene
MICHAELjackson Follet
Noma Falta
Parker Static
Phil Setner
Rebel Yell Concerts
Satin and Erin
Savannah Coronet
Susie Darling
The Pink Vampire
The Vinnie Show
Tigers Dance Team
WashedUp Sideways