*Avi Choice Updates




The Avi Choice Awards is the premier annual awards presentation recognizing the people and talent of SL’s™ amazing creations and designs.  The original Avi Choice Awards recipients were chosen and voted on by SL™ residents. Avi Choice Awards response has been tremendous and the websites have seen an amazing number of visits and a staggering number of votes throughout it’s six years of existence.

The Avi Choice Awards were presented for a final time on Dec. 4th, 2016. A program celebrating categories from all three areas SLife, Fashion and the Arts was presented along with amazing performances. The program was the conclusion of the Avi Choice Awards, as we know them. It’s been a good run and we could not have done it without support and cooperation and input from the amazing virtual community known as Second Life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

There is planning underway for a future awards program that will identify the favorites in our virtual world, locate the excellence in the online community known as Second Life and applaud them in a grand celebration for many to attend.  We plan to launch a new Awards show during the winter of 2017.

Visit the Avi Choice Awards website to learn about the history of our Awards programs and to keep updated on this future project.

Thank you  so much for all your continued support!

simply Limited

simply Limited is the newest feature from Avi Choice Productions. This shopping venture blends catalog shopping with shopping events and subscription boxes and presents them in an exciting, tasteful and entertaining way.  Each campaign features designs from some of our favorite fashion designers in Second Life.  Shoppers, who join the simply Limited group inworld, will have access to Limited Edition fashions and can purchase them via catalog (website) order or by teleporting to the inworld shopping event, itself.  Group members will also be gifted a fashion item from each of our designers, simply by joining with us.  Visit the website for more info.